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DNF Veg Fortifier

Veg Fortifier
Often called Vegetative boosters or fortifiers, these products are designed to boost your plants during the vegetative cycle beyond what a typical base nutrient can provide. Many people focus on the bloom stage for the best time to really give plants an added boost. This however is not always the best option. For plants to support gigantic flower sites and fruits, they require extra strong stems, roots and branches. These are best to develop during the grow stage so that your plants will be healthy enough during their bloom. Strong healthy stems, roots and branches also mean’s your plants will be less susceptible to insects disease and other hazards on your plants life. Also there are many plants that do not have a flower or bloom stage and may still need the extra boost not received from base nutrients only.

When choosing a vegetative fortifier, look for one that has a higher level of nitrogen than most base nutrients and a well balanced higher level of Phosphorus and Potash as well to compliment. As with bloom fortifiers, look for a nutrient line that specializes in giving plants the right amount of NPK at the right stages of growth rather than an all in one formula. There are not a lot of vegetative formulas on the market, so this shows how specified and difficult this formula is to create and the ones that specialize with Veg fortifiers do it well.
We have found the best results for this to be DNF Veg Fortifier 12-40-12. It takes care of all of the issues listed above to really give your plants the added boosts for lush healthy foliage.

Available Phosphorus……….40%
Soluble Potash……………..…12%

For best results use DNF Veg Fortifier.

DNF Bloom Fortifier
Bloom Fortifier
Often called bloom boosters or fortifiers, these products are designed to be used in addition to a base nutrient. They are heavily concentrated in potassium and phosphorus to give plants the extra boost needed to create increased flower sights during the bloom stages of growth and to generate robust flowers and increased essential oils. A lot of base nutrients will have a higher NPK than others and claim to be heavily concentrated than competitors. We have found that ones that add a fortifier or booster to the product line are designed to maximize the timing that plants need nutrients most and not waste nutrients when they are not needed. Look for products that suggest using on specified weeks of the bloom period and have high concentrations for the boost your plants will need then.

Available Phosphate…………50.0%
Soluble Potash………………30.0%
Derived from: Di-Potassium Phosphate,
Potassium Sulphate

For Best results use DNF Bloom Fortifier 0-50-30.

  1. Increase flower size
  2. Increase weight
  3. Increase essential oils
  4. Boost flower production
  5. Build rich, healthy fruit

DNF Bloom Fortifiers Quick Reference Feed Chart

DNF Feed Chart