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DNF Black

DNF Black
In the hydroponics industry it is known that if a label has the word black in it somewhere, it most likely contains humic acid. Known for its rich dark brown to black colour, products containing humic acid do not require any dyes or additives. Humic acid has many natural benefits and has been used for hundreds of years as a powerful free-radical scavenger and a natural anti-oxidant.  Black products are designed to enhance the flavour of fruits and vegetables and improve the colour. It is used weekly to increase the permeate ability of important nutrients and encourage beneficial bacteria and fungi reproduction to biologically stimulate plant growth.

            0.34% Ammonical Nitrogen
            0.66% Nitrate Nitrogen
Available Phosphate…….…......…….1%
Soluble Potash…………….......……...2%

Derived from: mono potassium phosphate, potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate

Humic acid used in hydroponic black formulas is gained from the rich material extracted from naturally oxidized and carefully selected sources of leonardite. Humic acids promote vigor, disease resistance and root development in agricultural crops. This results in faster growth. The acids assist roots by increasing soil permeability, increasing water retention, reducing water evaporation, and promoting the growth of beneficial microbial colonies in the root zone. The creation of a healthy, microbial-active root zone environment creates stronger plants that uptake nutrients better. Adding a humic acid based solution, referred to as “BLACK” in hydroponic preparations, to the nutrient reservoir will increase the efficacy of the nutrients, making both micro and macro nutrients more readily available to the root zone.  Humic acid’s high cat ion capacity serves as a chelator which helps plants better assimilate all the nutrients in the solution.  The chelating process helps make and keep nutrients readily available to be used by plants as needed.  
Environmental stresses can cause irreparable damage to plants; stunting or delaying growth, prohibiting flower production or even causing death. Free radical molecules result from stress such as high heat or temperature fluctuations, too high humidity, pesticide applications and nutrient deficiencies or toxicities.  The bio-stimulant activity of humic acid black produces anti-oxidants that combat these free radicals making plants more resistant to these and other environmental stressors.  Humic acid black remains in the cells providing ongoing protection.
For best results use DNF Black 1-1-2.

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DNF Black Quick Reference Feed Chart

For more information on Black products and Humic acids please read this article published in Maximum Yield Magazine: Humic Acid:Black Nectar from the Gods

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